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Recently, a natural cold current has struck, making everyone feel that the sky is freezing. However, yesterday, a warm current from people sent everyone to feel the warmth of the heat. Here's how it happened: A unit in Zigong, Sichuan, consulted our company's patented technology of "a hybrid compression-assisted polyurethane foam" in detail via telephone. After understanding, he gave a high praise to this technology and expressed his intention to apply this technology to production practice. This technology is led by Tian Hongwu, with the participation of Ouyang Tieqiu, Chen Kejun, Liu Di, Zhang Siyao, Liang Youzhi, Zhou Ejun, Zhu Jinan and others.

This gratifying phenomenon fully illustrates the following three points:

 1. Technology that adapts to the market has strong vitality no matter what era or era.  

2. Only with excellent technology accumulation, the enterprise will be invincible forever.  

3. The strength of the team cannot be underestimated, and the leading role is particularly important. Tian Hongwu is good, you have won the glory for Jingzheng, and you have set a benchmark for Jingzheng. I hope you will continue to work hard and achieve better results. At the same time, we also call on all technicians to continuously learn and innovate, take up the weapons of technology, and work hard for the right take-off and high-quality development with the wings of technology!  

                               Hunan Jingzheng Decision-Making Committee  

                                             December 29, 2020

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