PU sandwich panel Continuous Production Line

PU sandwich panel Continuous Production Line

This continuous production line is capable of producing four types of products: cold storage panels, wall panels, roof panels, and soft-faced coiled composite panels. Each type of product meets the needs of rock wool and polyurethane insulation core mater

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The main equipment of the production line includes uncoiling system, steel plate guiding system, steel plate automatic docking system, beading unit, forming machine system, steel plate and polyurethane high-strength bonding system, corona system, steel plate preheating, double crawler and heating system, rock wool Automatic slitting and conveying system, n-pentane foaming system, cutting saw, one set of band saw, one set of entanglement (meeting the cutting requirements of soft and hard facings, and meeting the function of soft facing trimming), laminating equipment , Cold plate equipment, automatic palletizer (considering the palletizing requirements of two different products of soft and hard), packaging system, Class A and Class C chemical storage system, conveying system, dust removal and environmental protection equipment (to meet the requirements of Yantai The emission content of non-methane total hydrocarbons), tank farms and safety systems, etc. At present, the double-track production line manufactured by our company has been sold to Anhui, Hebei, Hunan (to be added) and other places in China, and exported to Algeria, Indonesia and other countries abroad. parameter: Working voltage: 380V AC±5%, 3Phases 50 Hz; Indoor temperature: -10℃~ 40℃; Product type: hard surface polyurethane or rock wool board; rock wool in the middle of the hard surface filled with polyurethane edge banding board on both sides, and pure polyurethane board on soft surface. Surface material: hard panel, 0.35-0.7 mm color steel plate/stainless steel plate on the inner surface, 0.45-0.9 mm color steel plate/stainless steel plate on the outer surface; soft surface, both sides adopt 0.35-0.6 mm cement-based glass felt roll material; Product thickness: hard panel, 40-250 mm; soft panel, 20-250 mm; Product board width: hard panel, 400-1200 mm adjustable (upper and lower track width 1300 mm); soft panel, 600-1220 mm adjustable; Product length: hard panel, 1200-16000 mm adjustable; soft panel, 1800-3050 mm; Production line speed: 0-15 m/min; Control method: PLC Product size: according to the actual situation of the equipment

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