Social Responsibility

pursuing sustainable development, green development, and circular development, focusing on the harmonious and stable development of the relationship with all stakeholders, setting up a stage for the growth of employees, enthusiastic in public welfare and

                                    Completely phase out ODS    

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China joined the "Montreal Protocol" in 1991 and compiled the "National Program for the Phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances in China" in 1992.  The program statistically analyzed the production and current status of ODS in China and scientifically assessed its development and trends, assessing the development of ODS replacement and alternative technologies in China and internationally, and their role and status in ODS phase-out actions, formulating China’s action plan for phasing out ODS, and proposing a set of China’s ozone layer protection policies and their Supporting institutional framework.

Hunan Jingzheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national ODS phase-out plan and has fully completed ODS phase-out in 2019.

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