JingZheng is making progress together with customers

After-sales Service

The powerful after-sales system promotes the betterment of our customers and us. Through long-term customer after-sales tracking, data collection and analysis, while solving customer problems, we have also accumulated strong technical skills.

After-sales Service


Remote monitoring-diagnosis

Our equipment is equipped with real time monitoring system, once 

anomalous situations occur, it can timely notify the on site operators  

and 50% daily maintenance can be completed by the on site operators.

 When significant anomalous situations occur, the remote technical

 personnel of  the manufacturer will also receive a notice to promptly 

 assist on-site operators in troubleshooting the problem.


If there is a problem that is difficult to solve, our after-sales engineer  

will come to the factory within 12 hours to assist in solving the problem.


  Improve technology through after-sales and data analysis

Through long-term after-sales tracking of customers, data collection  

and analysis, rich practical experience has been accumulated.

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