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Dear bosses, students, ladies and gentlemen:     good morning guys! Time flew like arrows, the sun and the moon flew like a shuttle, and in a flash it was the golden autumn of Bingshen. In this season of golden fruits and blue and white clouds, the thirteenth training course starts today! Here, on behalf of the Foaming Equipment Professional Committee of China Household Electrical Appliances Association and Hunan Jingzheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., I would like to extend my warmest welcome and sincere welcome to all the bosses, students, and friends who participated in the thirteenth technical training course. Regards!     The training class has been held for twelve sessions. As the organizer, I deeply feel the hardship and joy of running the class: what is paid is labor, what is gained is friendship, what is exchanged is technology, and what is revitalized is the industry. This includes your participation, your trust, and your support, and your contribution is in the military chapter.     Why should we spend our time and energy to organize training courses?     One is to organize classes because of gratitude. We, Hunan Jingzheng, have experienced 23 years of vicissitudes. We have come along this way. It is your help to make us progress, your support to make us stand upright, and your understanding to make us confident, especially in the current economic situation. Warming, fighting the severe cold, looking for a chance, survived. Out of this kind of gratitude, we insist on running classes and give back to everyone.     The second is to organize classes for exchanges. As the saying goes, the trip of three people must have my teacher. Although we are a professional manufacturer of polyurethane, we are well aware that if we want to adapt to the ever-changing social development and to catch up with the world's advanced level, we must continue to learn from the industry, learn from everyone here, learn from each other, learn from each other, and make progress together.     The third is to run classes because of a win-win situation. A single tree cannot make a forest, a single tree cannot make a spring. The prosperity of the industry does not depend on which company is established, but must rely on the joint efforts of all polyurethane people. The word "person" is the support. How can companies rely on understanding and trust to promote each other and develop together. We organize classes to raise the banner of revitalizing China's polyurethane and move towards a win-win goal!     Classmates, this training class has arranged five professional theory classes and 3 hours of on-site operation. The catering is in Yixiang Garden and the accommodation is in Huayin Hotel. When studying together, we must respect each other, help each other, and pay attention to safety. Please communicate with the conference affairs team in time if you have any demands.     Finally, I wish all students a happy study, good health, learning techniques, and making friends; I wish the thirteenth technical training class a complete success!     Thank you!

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