2023 China composite material industry training course

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The 2023 China composite material industry employee quality and practical ability improvement training course,jointly organized by China Composite Material Industry Association and Hunan Jingzheng Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd, held the opening ceremoney on July 17th in the big conference room of Hunan Jingzheng Company,and successfully concluded on July 22nd.


The training course adheres to the cultivation concept of combining theory and practice,aiming to enhance students' practical and independent work abilities, and strengthen education on national conditions, social conditions, and professional backgrounds,Cultivate a sense of labor, enterprising spirit, professional dedication, and teamwork awareness.The training class adopts a mode of explaining basic knowledge in the morning and conducting on-site factory internships in the afternoon, allowing students to practice and apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned.In order to better document the training achievements and personal development of students, the association will establish training archives and be committed to providing more learning opportunities and development platforms for students

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