The 14th training course of China Polyurethane Tech. and Equ

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Hunan Jingzheng was a complete success!     This training class invited relevant domestic experts and professors to give lectures. 113 trainees from all over the country participated in the 3-day training from October 19th to October 21st.     This training course combines theoretical training and on-site training. Six theoretical courses are taught professionally. The on-site training is divided into five areas. The organizer carefully provides equipment operation demonstrations, so that students receive direct sensory cognition. Improve the learning effect.     This training class also squeezed time and organized visits and learning. Through group activities, the trainees increased mutual understanding and exchanges, achieved the purpose of learning friends, and played a positive role in enhancing the cohesion of the industry.     The organizer announced that the fifteenth technical training course will be held in Zhangjiajie, the national five-A scenic spot in the autumn of 2018.                                                        Organizing Committee of the 14th Training Course                                                       October 24, 2017

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