Automotive Seat Cushion Crusher

Automotive Seat Cushion Crusher

Vacuum crushing system is that the foaming product with framework is placed into vacuum chamber to perform pumping vacuum, making use of pressure difference to achieve crushing purpose, which ensures products quality.

Service Details

Work flow

→ The foaming product is placed on conveyor belt;

→ The foaming product is conveyed to the bottom of vacuum chamber, adopting photoelectricity switch to control conveying belt;

→ Conveying belt stop, vacuum chamber decline;

→ Starting pumping vacuum, when vacuum value reached to the pre-set Pmin1, vacuum pump continues to work to sustain pressure requirement, then inflate the air into the vacuum chamber after reaching the set pressure-holding time.

→ If the vacuum-pumping circulation is set to 2 times, open air supply valve to supply air to make vacuum value return to the pre-set Pmax. pumping vacuum again to make vacuum value restore to the pre-set Pmin2;

→ Repeat above step until reaching to the set cycle value in HMI;

→ Open air supply valve to supply air to make pressure in vacuum chamber restore to normal pressure;

→ Vacuum chamber raises to the accurate position;

→ If the vacuum chamber does not locate at the raising position when turn on machine, the vacuum chamber will be lifted to the raising position, then go into next circulation.

When vacuum crushing cycle is set to 2, Pmin1=300 mbar, Pmin2=150 mbar, Pmax=1000 mbar, the total time of whole work cycle is controlled within 25 seconds(including conveying belt movement time). The displayed pressure value is for the gauge head, not vacuum degree, it can be displayed on HMI.

Vacuum Conveying belt speed: 25m/min±5m (continuous and adjustable), controlled by variable frequency control.


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