Ship to Mexico Polyurethane Foaming Machine

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The Mexico customer purchased the Polyurethane PU Foaming machine from our company, and it was commissioned already at our plant. and to load into the container to ship customer plant.

ship to mexico.jpg

This kind of polyurethane PU high pressure foaming machine is serviced to produce the automotive headrest at our mexico customer worksite with the PIP turntable line.

Meanwhile, it can also produce other PU foaming products such as PU houseware and furnitures, toys and industrial workpieces.

It realizes the automatic injection. and also can be injected by manual with the rotation beam.

The polyurethane foaming machine was packed by the polywood box with angle iron frame to protect the machine.

Beside Mexico, our polyurethane foaming machine also exprot to U.S.A,Czech, Korea, Brazil, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, U.A.E, Algeria,Russia,Vietnam,Peru,

export to mexico.jpg

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