Polyurethane PU Foaming Machine Manufacturer

Polyurethane PU Foaming Machine Manufacturer

Hunan Jingzheng Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane foaming machine in china since 1993. We collect 30 years experience in the polyurethane foaming industry and serve more than 1000+ customers in the world.

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The description of our polyurethane high pressure foaming machine

Polyurethane high pressure foaming machines are widely used in production of polyurethane products.The polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine developed by our company has two components to six components, which can meet the requirements of various industries. The pouring accuracy can reach ±5‰, and the performance has reached the international advanced level. The flow rate of the largest product can reach 10 kg/s. Our polyurethane foaming machine was the first one to adopt remote control and was the first manufacturer in the industry to adopt remote control.

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The features and advantages of our polyurethane foaming machine

  1. Most of parts adopts imported parts from Germany,Italy,USA,which can ensure the lifetime of the machine

  2. the flowrate is accuracy,any deviation can be adjusted in the control range.

  3. Remote service platform is available to solve the after-sales problem, any issued, it can be solved through remote service platfrom

The application of our polyurethane PU foaming machine

  • Automotive seat foam pad and interior

  • Refrigerator, fridge and freezer

  • PU Sandwich Roof/Wall/Cold Room Panels

  • Insulation panels and pipes

  • Polyurethane houseware&furniture such as pillow, bed frame etc

  • Polyurethane toys and cultore stone

  • Polyurethane industry workpieces

The types of our polyurethane pu foaming machine

2 components

3 components

4 components

5 components

6 components

Following is the flowrate range of our high pressure polyurethane pu foaming machine:


CE/UL/CSA certificates are approved!

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