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China (correspondent Zou Ting) On October 16, the Hunan Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board Enterprise Roadshow was held in Changsha Lugu Fund Plaza. 7 roadshow companies and members from Caixin Fund, Lusheng Capital, and Huhui Nearly 40 investment institutions including capital participated. It is reported that Hunan Jingzheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise invited to participate this time in Xiangtan City. At the scene, Jingzheng Equipment gave a professional and concise introduction from five aspects: company and team, competitive advantage, project introduction, development plan, and financing plan. In the Q&A environment, investment institutions discussed the progress of the Jingzheng equipment project, and the atmosphere on site was very warm. After the roadshow, many investment institutions got in touch with Jingzheng Company, and it is hoped that through on-site visits to enterprises, further investment intentions can be reached. Next, the District Finance Office will organize a special corporate roadshow in conjunction with the District Science, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and invite investment institutions and enterprises in Yuhu District to participate to help companies obtain more financing opportunities.

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