The speech of 27th Anniversary Ceremony of Hunan Jingzheng

2020-11-28   518 Times   

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Brothers and sisters, Today is the 27th anniversary of the establishment of Hunan Jingzheng. On this occasion, on behalf of all members of the decision-making committee, I would like to extend my Siqing's blessings to you, and to express my heartfelt thanks to you who have put in hard work and wisdom for the development of the right one! Looking back on the past, we are passionate. Twenty-seven years of development, for a century-old shop, is also a quarter of the strength, compared to a single person, it has already entered the year of establishment. Twenty-seven years, a flick of a finger. However, the company’s development has gone through the guerrilla stage of unsteady premises, the initial stage of leased venues and the current stage of development of the Gigou flag. Each of these stages is a step-by-step process of our righteous people. It's hard work, only we know it. Therefore, without you, there would be no precise development, and without you, there would be no precise brilliance. You are the true heroes, and you are the true heroes. Looking forward to the future, we look forward to it. In the past 27 years, if we say that we have gone through thousands of mountains and rivers, then in the future, we still need to travel through mountains and rivers. Achievements can only be the basis for our development, and cannot be our proud capital. To keep up with the pace of the new era, we can only work hard on the three words "learning, doing, and new". To learn is to learn technology, learn skills, and learn management. No matter what position you are in, you must have the awareness of learning, the motivation of learning, and the effectiveness of learning. If you don't learn, you may be conscious of the worry of elimination. To do, to do, three kinds of thinking must be established: one is the idea of retreating if you don't advance, you are standing still, others are running hard, it is strange if you don't lag behind! The second is the idea that you can't make sales, and you will definitely lose. The market is like a battlefield. If you dare not use your sword, you won't be able to share the cake of the market. The third is that there is no best, only better thinking. If you do something, you will be complacent. Without higher standards and stricter requirements, you will not be able to catch up with, or even surpass the level of first-class companies. New and new are the requirements of the times, and new is the promotion of science and technology. Without innovation, the enterprise will not develop, the product will have no market, and the job will not be guaranteed. Only by walking at the forefront of technological innovation, can the enterprise be vigorous and energetic, and our yearning for a better life can be achieved. I hope everyone will have "new ideas, new goals, and new deeds." We are precise that this ship will sail and ride the waves forward! Once again, I wish you all success in your work, good health, and happiness! Yan Jian November 28, 2020

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